We are an association dedicated to the promotion and the development of Contract Management in Asia and around the world.

AACM is an association governed by the French Law of 01 July 1901.  

Contract Management is a Fundamental of Project Management, which consists of

  • Implementing any internal actions ensuring “Contract Knowledge” within Project Management team (ex: preparation of “contract checklist” focusing on clauses which can impact project margin, delivery of “contract workshop” ...)
  • Defining any processes serving Contract Management (ex: archiving process, change order management process with external stakeholders ...)
  • Managing any offensive / defensive notices in accordance with contractual provisions (ex: issue / answer a notice instructing a contract suspension, issue / answer a notice highlighting a breach of contract ...)

Contract Management enables to effectively enforce contractual rights through

  • Claim Management
  • Management of offensive and defensive claims related to non-agreed damages (ex: loss of profit, additional costs incurred due to a defect), agreed damages (ex: liquidated damages vs penalty: delay, non-performance…), disagreement over contract scope (ex: extra-cost claimed) , time extension and payment issue
  • Change Order Management
  • Management of any contractual deviations implicitly or expressly requested throughout contract execution

As a consequence, Contract Management serves project profitability while ensuring Customer Satisfaction as per mutual contractual rights and obligations, avoiding disputes / litigation and demonstrating professionalism in Project Management.


Mr. Guillaume Bernard

Guillaume is an experienced and accomplished Pre-Award and Post-Award Contract Management professional, working as Contract Manager and Head of Contract Management at well-recognized international companies dedicated to the execution of “Equipment” and “EPC” projects around the world.

In addition, Guillaume is a training officer in Contract, Change order & Claim Management (registered training center). He studied Business Law and Business Administration in Europe and Asia. He is passionate about Asian cultures and his favourite words are Commitment and Pragmatism.

Mr. Soreasmey Ke Bin

Soreasmey is an entrepreneur to the bone. He is the founder and the Managing Director of “Confluences”, a company specialized in providing solutions and support to organizations seeking to break into or expand within the Cambodian and Southeast Asian markets.

He is the President of the French Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia and the co-founder of French Tech Cambodia. He is passionate about international business development and his favourite words are Entrepreneurship and Open-mindedness.

Honorary Members


Mr. Nicolas Charpentier

  • Head of Contract Management at Air Liquide Advanced Technologies
  • Significant experience in Project Management (Siemens)
Dr Qiao Liu

Dr. Qiao Liu

  • Associate Professor at TC Beirne School of Law – University of Queensland –  Australia
  • Editor-in-Chief, Chinese Journal of Comparative Law
  • Co-author of the book “Contract Law – Australian Edition”

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AACM member

As an AACM Member, you will access valuable resources such as training material, presentations, webinars and publications. Please apply now if you want to become a member!

To apply

  • Download here the AACM Charter
  • Complete the charter, sign it and send it back to us via our contact us form or by email to contact@aacm.asia
  • Your application will be examined and we will get back to you within 48h.


Any organization supporting AACM in the development of Contract Management in Asia / Asia Pacific

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